I’ve just started teaching a new course that I’ve written called ‘Brighter.’ It is over 3 weeks for 6 hours, so nothing huge really…

-It’s for Christians who wonder how they may shine for others to see and experience their faith.

-It involves looking at creative ways of connecting faith (lots of permission given for those who have gifts and abilities and wonder how to use them for the benefit of others…)

– It recognises the need for Holy Spirit help in connecting the good news.

– It acknowledges the adventure of partnering in God’s mission and looks for divine appointments in every day to day life.

– It challenges the notion that evangelism is for experts who are extroverts.

– It is the kind of course that is interactive (mostly) and is far from lecture based, and more discussion and investigation.

4 thoughts on “Brighter… a 6 session couse to help you shine

  1. Chris

    Have you looked at AnyMeeting or Zipcast to see if you could deliver this online? I mention those ones as they are within most Christian’s budgets i.e. free. The only thing with Any Meeting is that if you use their free option they display adverts but if you have a pay pal account you can easily use their paid option. I worked it out that if I charged people 105p (yes what my grandparents used to call a guinea) then paypal and any meeting would get paid and I would break even. I am wary of adverts as one project I tried to get off the ground came to a shuddering halt as someone was offended by adverts that I had no control over.

    AnyMeeting let you set up interactive meetings for up to 6 people or ones that are more like lectures for up to 200. Presumably the interactive meetings is to compete with the Google+ hangouts. Then I doubt whether it will be long before Facebook includes some form of video conferencing in its offering now they have some real competition.

    What those trying to sell other things do is set up webinars or video conferencing and record it using screencasting software. I use this as well. It does not cost a fortune, about £200. I then have a record of whatever sound and images comes through your computer. I had a play this week and came up with this http://lilythepinkministries.com/get-to-know-us-better/

    Once you have some videos you can leave them where someone can find a link online. For example on a self hosted blog set up as a membership web site with a subscription to pay for your outlay and support your other work. The link on the site would take them to your Amazon s3 account which is the cheapest way of storing videos. As you can tell I have been researching doing this for my own purposes.

    Depending on a church’s facilities you could become Chris live on the box or live on the screen. For example I can fairly easily link my pc to my tv so that whatever would be displayed on the monitor could be displayed on a larger screen tv. Then there are a variety of ways of linking a lap top to the internet and using a projector so the church can see your bonny face up on screen. One Sunday a month at the moment we have J John in the box i.e. a dvd of Just 10 at Stockton projected onto a wall.

    Lets see what we can use this technology for in the service of God.

    Susan who has been to CLAN for the past 3 years despite living in northern England.

  2. Hi Mike and Alistair… Thank you for the interest.
    To be honest, I’m writing and drawing bits and bobs as I go along. Its like 3 weeks of the most important aspects of what I believe about evangelism! I have two weeks left and may be able to send some stuff after reflecting on the experience! It is something I just deliver and would need some work on it, but possibly filmed and further ‘exercises’ – anyhoo, I shall get back to you soon!

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