I’ve just got back from a retreat in Snowdonia, North Wales. The company was great, food in huge abundance and the time to relax and get to know fellow ministers was such a treat. (I even managed to catch a trout when we went fly-fishing.) It was a well organised relational retreat, time to take stock and replenish diminishing supplies for ministry and the expected challenges ahead.

We invited professor John Drane to teach us over the week. What he taught was good but there was something much better that I learned. Don’t get me wrong, being taught about the spirituality of culture and how to creatively reach out to people is just up my street. Yet it was hearing the humble stories of how John had been able to be and share something of the Christian faith that inspired me the most.

For someone so exceptionally ‘successful’ as an author and communicator he carries what he does with such an unassuming lightness that what he does seems to speak of the One who calls and works through us, despite us, but paradoxically because of what we have to offer.

I feel like I received a gift over this week- that somehow no matter how well I do or what I get involved in I will seek to remember to hold things lightly.

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