I spoke at the Chester Churches Alpha supper last night. (Hence the Deva ref, not a ref to me donning a dress and singing a song in any way.)

There were over 170 guests in the beautiful ‘slow boat’ Chinese restaurant. We were all over fed extremely well and then it was my task, in fifteen minutes to present a talk so that those who were considering to sign up would decide to explore the Christian faith and set aside a few hours every week for the next ten weeks. No pressure then.

In preparing for the evening I decided to share my life and experiences of what it is like being a follower of Christ, over the more usual Alpha supper talks of propositional truths. Wonderful as these truths are I felt I should focus on stories of my life and how I believe Jesus is the way, truth and life. Don’t get me wrong, I read the story from John 14 And shares a snippet of my story too, yet I wanted to paint a picture of ‘following and doing’ rather than intellectual arguments as to why one should and can follow Jesus.

My invitation at the end wasn’t to pray along to a ‘sinners prayer’ but rather to join in the adventure of following the one who is redeeming this world and calls us to be world changer’s, bringing hope and life to those around us.

One thought on “Alpha Deva speaker

  1. Hi, Chris,
    I think you were right to take the approach that you did, in that it more fits with your style, and God calls us to be true to self, but also I think that Jesus asked us to make disciples, and the church’s traditional way of calling for conversion and then adding on discipleship might have worked previously, but now…
    My feeling is that the approach that has more integrity is more along the lines of showing the full package and inviting people along to discover that, and realise that to be doing that to be transforming their lives & others, they need God’s power, rather like Phil Wall’s approach in the final section of the book, “Beyond the Fringe”. Only trouble is, that’s incredibly messy!

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