As I drew a rough sketch of a hand over a house and wrote some words from Psalm 91 of God’s protection, the lady said, “is this a spiritual picture then?”

I explained that the picture was, I believed, to be from Gods heart, something that would strengthen, encourage and comfort her. The lady calmly explained that she realised this as she had been hoping for protection over her home as it needed ‘cleansing’ as bad stuff had been happening around the house that had made her feel uneasy. I spoke to her of the One who alone can protect and who loves us.

Here are some examples of pictures I drew for people:

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Over the day at Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church we had over 100 visitors, most connected to the church family, but around 20 who had seen the advertising and called in.

We tried to connect with people in ways that would be creative, packaged like a mind, body, spirit type event with plenty of opportunities for people to encounter the good news of Jesus through creative prayer, the Jesus deck and an angel tent with an opportunity for people to talk, take literature and ask questions about the Christian faith. Alongside this we had people selling crafts and jewellery as well as foot massage, health advice from the local NHS team and lots of cake on sale!

One thought on ““Is this a spiritual picture then?”

  1. Nice one, Chris, we are living in a spiritually hungry, curious generation, but sadly they are not, on the whole expecting answers from/looking for answers in, the church, or God’s people…

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