So, I’m teaching some young people in a workshop at a youth week called ‘Street Invasion’ in Peterborough. One of the exercises is to get them to think about their story. I set them a challenge to think about their faith and come up with a 6 word story. They only had 3 minutes to think about it but what they come up with blew me away. It was so powerful. So much so that I got them to write up their six word stories for others to see. They grabbed some old cardboard and wrote them up. In the city centre they held up their signs for people to see. It was quite unusual, to say the least, but people stopped to look at the young people showing their six word stories. 


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2 thoughts on “What’s your 6 word story?

  1. Great idea, Chris! We are too caught up in Christian jargon, and talking too much!
    I remember being encouraged to tell my faith story, whilst holding a lit match… again it encourages you to be concise!
    Last thought – the guy who looked after me in my early days of doing stuff for God had a pithy phrase… expression deepens impression

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