A friend of mine sent me this video this morning. It speaks of God’s love. It reminds me of the hurdles St Patrick endured when responding to the call of God to go to Ireland. He was told that the Celts couldn’t become Christians because they didn’t know Latin. They were uneducated and couldn’t speak the lingo and were classed as ‘barbarians.’ Today, we have so many people around us who are loved by their heavenly Father, but don’t know it. They have yet to encounter and hear the good news of Jesus. Every person needs Jesus. Don’t they?
Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 thoughts on “Church Hosts Anti-Christian Concert

  1. What a video, and well done to that pastor! He took a HUGE risk…..
    He was willing to look beyond the label & the dress and look at their attitude, which in this fund-raising was saying something else…
    God give me a similar heart (I think)

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