I have been thinking about the ways in which I have communicated my faith and been involved in peoples lives recently. There are three things I am involved in which have been new to me and which I am hoping may give lots of opportunity to show and share my faith: 1) An online text alert project where participants can sign up to receive free challenges and seek to follow the example of Jesus. 2) Taking part in a channel 4 documentary called ‘Divine inspiration’ where I have been interviewed and some of my projects have been filmed and 3) hosting a local film on homelessness in the city of Peterborough with a remarkable film maker who I met on the streets when he was making his film. Together we have invited everyone we know, from those who are rough sleepers on the streets to those in business and church leadership.

The potential audience of these projects is hundreds of thousands. The online one could go viral as people look to experience and ‘have a go’ something of the Christian faith. BY THE WAY I HAVE THE JOB OF GIVING IT A NAME! If you can help me that would be amazing! I would like to call it ‘doing the Jesus thing’ which brings some explanation for those taking part:
“Why are you taking those flowers to the nursing home?”
“I’m visiting someone who is lonely.”
“I’m doing the Jesus thing.”. Yep, cheesey I know.

Another option is similar to the amazing project ‘try praying’ and name it something like ‘try love dares.’ Or maybe just ‘follow Jesus?’ Let me know if you have any bright ideas.

The channel 4 documentary could have an audience of a fair few thousand, tens of thousands perhaps. My hope is that in the celebration of all kinds of faith there may be a very clear example of the life of Jesus and something of his message too.

The screening of the documentary on homelessness may have 50-100 people. We are including a free lunch and I’m hoping that all kinds of people from all walks of life rub shoulders together and that they may learn more of life and grace and what it may be like to live on the streets.

It seems as if the potential to reach out to people through the media with love, compassion and kindness abounds. Perhaps I’m just a bit slow to catch up. My prayer is that in the midst of so much ‘out there’ that the media projects that seek to bring the fragrance of the one who loves and loves may be distinctive and shine out.

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