Yesterday I was filmed all day for a new documentary for channel 4 on faith. The production team were amazing and megga kind and rather helpful. They may read this, so it’s worth adding how jolly funny they were too. And seriously gifted.

The whole experience blew me away- their passion to film something positive about faith in general took me by surprise. Quite a novel approach really. I was taken aback that I wasn’t asked any awkward questions or quizzed as to my passionate belief in God. It was all taken face value.

I was filmed for around 6 hours doing stuff throughout the day for what will be around 5 or 6 minutes of an hour long show that will include lots and lots of stories of faith from other religions.

The thing that excited me the most about being filmed is that I got to show good news through what I did and the engagement with people around me. Amazing.
Look out for the program in the Autumn and then a possible series!

5 thoughts on “Channel 4 documentary about faith has me hugging people and doing my free fruit stall…

  1. my only reservation is THIS IS CH4? From past viewings there is a lot of repetitive padding shots, and the editing can make cruel juxtapositions.
    However I shall be watching the prog. Hail to the Chief ( Vice president

  2. This is great news, Chris. Faith is not a popular topic for broadcasters so it’s very refreshing to hear that Channel 4 are so open minded and helpful – kudos to them! And I bet they’ll have some great material to edit down. Hey – you could even become a great TV personality if you carry on like this 🙂

  3. Chris hi – great that this worked out and look forward to seeing/hearing more! It would be good to catch up!

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