Well, so did lots of other people really, but I thought that ‘dinner with Heidi Baker’ would somehow seem much more appealing to read than ‘street Evangelism with Chris Duffett!’

Yet, I must say that having dinner with Heidi was one of the highlights of my week. Heidi is such a vibrant and beautifully ‘Jesus like’ person that I couldn’t help be quite impacted as to what she had to share and she took such an interest in what I do. Having enjoyed an evening of listening to her preach and seeing the power of the Spirit fall upon us just added to the excitement of tucking into my bangers and mash in the crowded speakers dinner room sitting next to her! Slightly sad perhaps, I know.

My dinner experience happened in the context of seven days in St Andrews hanging out with the 3-4 thousand people who joined in New Wine Scotland knees up. My main job over the week was to lead two seminars each day out and about on the streets. In the morning I taught people to do different fun and creative street initiatives like ‘free hugs’ ‘pastry and prayer’ and an art project that centered around the ‘I am the gate’ saying from Jesus recorded in Johns gospel. In the afternoons I led small teams in treasure hunting. This is an easy to use tool for prophetic evangelism and helps people focus on the task of bringing words from God’s heart to people around them. This combo of morning and afternoon seminars worked well as I kept meeting delegates of CLAN out and about who had joined me last year who now had the confidence to connect their faith with people in their own communities. Each project we did I shared how the hope would be that people would replicate it in their own contexts.

The afternoon team activity of doing treasure hunting petrified me, yet I have had one of the most phenomenal times leading it! Specific clues for people that not only blew them away but shocked me also.

The speaking role I had at CLAN was new to me… I spoke at the ‘alternative’ venue called Atrium. This is led by a gifted man called James Renick. He led in creative ways, for example there was a cafe in the venue as well as sofas for people to chillax and people painting as the band played and led worship and praise. It was very chilled yet very ‘real’ at the same time in terms of connecting with people and praying for people.

The youth event I spoke at was fun. The young people were so responsive and hungry to do something to change this world. Exhilarating!

CLAN is an exiting group of people to be part of for a week. Thank you my Scottish CLAN family for accepting your southern brother to hang out with you!

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