To my amazement the man whom I just asked the bizarre question about whether he had a crocodile in his shop, calmly opened the counter draw and produced a stone one; he asked, ‘why do you need it?’

I explained that I was on a treasure hunt looking for treasure following clues that I believed God had given me. On my clues I had ‘left shoulder pain.’ He said that he had pain in his left shoulder and lower neck. He was shocked that he was my treasure, I was shocked that I had found this man to pray for!

He asked if we could pray for his lower neck/ shoulder, but later, as it was a busy little shop with lots of people around. As a memento he gave me the crocodile and said that I could show people and tell the story of how I had found my clues and met my treasure! He has invited me to come back and visit his shop. Amazing.

2 thoughts on “‘Ummm, excuse me sir, you don’t happen to have a crocodile do you?’

  1. That is fantastic, scary & amzing all at the same time! A real encouragement to ” go and do likewise”! Thanks a lot (I think)

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