…on this occasion I had a meeting and asked a student working with me to fetch us some coffees. She didn’t mind being the ‘tea girl’ but not being a fan of coffee or tea didn’t quite know where to go for them. I suggested Greggs as it was the nearest place to us in the city.

She came back with the coffee which had a beautiful picture and poem on it: ‘sit and relax whispered the tree to the bird.’ One of the guys I was meeting had heard God speak to him recently about dwelling and being. This coffee reminded him of that whisper.

2 thoughts on “I love how God speaks…

  1. Hi, Chris,
    We declare confidently that God created the universe, so why can’t he speak through a coffee cup? After all, he has spoken through an ass, a still small voice in the OT…
    Is it our theology that’s wrong in that we don’t expect Him to speak in the “ordinary”?

    1. yes, I quite agree Steve… God speaks through the ordinary. For this guy I was meeting it was a powerful reminder of what he had felt God speak to him about. Of all the coffee shops in all of Peterborough the cups had a simple message, granted, not straight from the pages of the bible but non-the-less, it reminded him of John 15 and the dwelling that is required of us.

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