Now and again I get a bit brave and set up a sign that declares ‘art from the heart- a simple sketch to encourage and comfort you and remind you that God loves you.’

Yesterday I set up my stall on the streets of Peterborough and chatted to people and asked some passing by if I could draw something for them. For a while people didn’t want a sketch so I merrily started drawing in my pad anyway!

After drawing a river which had been blocked with large stones and a digger on the horizon trundling along to clear the debris and blockage, a lady asked for directions to the train station. Sending her on the way I sat back to finish off my simple sketch. Then a thought overwhelmed me:- the river picture was for the woman! I ran after her down the road waving the sketch in my hand. When I reached her I explained what I had been doing and gave her the sketch. She said, ‘I’m a recovering drug addict and this picture is for me.’ After a while she took her eyes off the picture and looked at me and said. ‘I’m going to treasure this.’

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