Yes there were plenty of people who were drunk and lots of happy clubbers out there. Yes I am absolutely buzzing from such an exhilarating night… I’ve just spent 3 hours working with a cracking bunch of Baptists reaching out to all kinds of people showing the love of God in a very practical and real way.

Tonight I had conversation after conversation with people about Jesus. One guy from Albania thanked me so much for providing a bible for him. Don’t get me wrong, I havn’t forced the topic or sought to ram it down people’s throats; rather people have asked me questions and told me their stories of encountering God in the most amazing way.

Two bouncers stood and spoke with me for half an hour, one of them unashamedly declared their belief in God and told me his story. They were fascinated to hear in a God who loves them and has reached down to them in grace and given Jesus for them.

What an amazing time….

2 thoughts on “It’s 2am and I’ve just got back in from a wild night out…

  1. We do a similar thing here in Aber called ‘Night Light’. It is such a great experience! People seem genuinely happy to see us out and about handing out tea, water, and flip flops and conversation can be brilliant!

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