… And he says, ‘what a great question’ and tells me about his day. He then asks me the same question and he appears fascinated by the role I have in the city. He then asks if anyone I’ve met today has surprised me.

I talk about the willingness of a guy for me to pray for him, he had a paralyzed finger and may have to have it amputated. What really surprised me was as I offered to pray the guy next to him in the coffee shop who was also from Turkey asked if he could join in. He then rummaged in his bag and produced a bible, he had recently become a Christian.

We prayed for this mans finger and while we didn’t see any immediate healing he was grateful that we had prayed.

The man in the coffee queue thought it ‘cool’ that a person would be willing to receive prayer in public.

So what kind of day have you had?

One thought on “So, I’m standing in the queue of Neros and I ask a guy what kind of day he’s had…

  1. I have to say Chris, that some of your blog article titles, and their ordinariness, “There I was just…” remind me of Rom. 12:1-2, not in the NIV, but the much more refreshing & challenging translation in The Message.
    For anyone who hasn’t done so, it’s well worth a read!

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