Well instead of calling it ‘Prophetic Art’ I asked on Face Book for ideas of what to name it and someone (thank you!) came up with the cheesey yet clear explanation of ‘Art from the Heart.’ Today I sketched 5 simple drawings in an hour or so and the 5 people who received them seemed very happy with what I had drawn for them.

On one picture I wrote the words ‘Peace and Security.’ When I handed it to the guy he commented that this is exactly what he needs and has been longing for. He gave me a big hug and shared how much he loved the picture- he said he was gping to hang it up on his wall at home.

Another man wanted to look around St John’s Church. Before he arrived I had sketched a cup overflowing and wrote a verse from Psalm 23 on it. The guy was chuffed and shared that this picture matched his experience.

I’m going to keep going with this rather wacky idea and pray that the simple sketches may connect with people and bring something of God’s heart to them.

One thought on “Prophetic Art

  1. Challenging that you’re willing to use ALL your gifts in fulfillin your calling as an evangelist, Chris. Something for us all to be pondering… Thanks. (I think! ;-))

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