It’s Sunday morning and I’m in the city centre with a mechanical bull on Fathers Day. The aim is to talk to blokes and their families about a dad who is the best father anyone could wish for or dream about. He is good and loves us. 

We had loads of conversations about God as we gave a free treat to fathers of a go on the rodeo bull and while they were doing that the children were able to make father day cards for free. It worked. Around 80 people had a go on the rodeo bull and at times it attracted an amazing crowd. We also gave away over 100 packs/ goodie bags with sweets, rocky road chocolate bars, a booklet, a tea bag and some colouring pencils (!) Dad’s seemed to appreciate the gesture. When people asked who had put this free spectacle on in the city they were amazed to hear that it was courtesy of the church. 

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