Earlier today just as I finished a magic show on the streets of Norwich, I had the most remarkable encounter. My show had gone fairly well and a dozen or so people listened to what I had to say and enjoyed the tricks.

Then two woman and their dog turned up and sat right in front of me and asked me what I was doing. I spoke with them about my faith and what I had just been doing in my show and how I had hoped to explain something about the story of Jesus through the fun tricks.

They asked me question after question about being a Christian. They both shared with me about some of their heart-ache and stories of when they have been in prison. They then asked me to pray for them that they may know God is with real and with us. However their request was slightly (!) unusual as they asked me to pray over them in tongues! You see they had heard about it before and both had a rather strange passion to be prayed for in this way. (strange I know.) But non-the-less I obliged and I sang a song over them in tongues.

Afterwards they both shared something of their experience of what had just happened to them as we held hands and I had prayed. They said: they felt a warmth deep in their bodies. They felt peaceful and full of love. Then they both shared something extraordinary that they felt completley sober. You see they had sat down feeling fairly drunk but now felt sober. “This is so strange” they said repeatedly.

I introduced them to some other people at the event and a lovely lady sat with them and also prayed with them. They both asked Jesus into their hearts and made a commitment on the adventure of being Christians.

We spoke some more and then one of the woman wrote on my art piece these words:

2 thoughts on “I’m dressed as a clown praying with two woman who are homeless when His presence falls upon us and he rescues them…

  1. Hi, Chris,
    Don’t you think you might be taking this “Fool for Christ” thing a bit too far? 😉
    Seriously though, 1 Cor. 1:27… go for it!

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