Ok, I had just been prayed for… But non the less the prayer was while I munched on my dinner around the kitchen table. My children kept looking at my left eye which was swollen up and red bits where there should have been white bits and it was oozing a bit too.

My son put down his fork and with a mouthful of macaroni cheese he stretched out his hand and prayed: “right Jesus, just as you healed people and they were completely made better I ask in your name to heal my dad right now.” I said thanks to him and thought what a kind thing it was that he should pray for me when, unexpected and as I carried on eating the Holy Spirit fell on me and the most beautifully powerful sensation went through my entire body. For a few minutes it felt as if someone’s hands were upon, around and rather strangely in my head.

My eye is completely better.

I wish I had a before and after picture as I really did look like some kind of beaten up pirate yesterday afternoon.

One thought on “While tucking into my macoroni cheese the holy spirit fell on me…

  1. Didn’t Jesus say something about “unless you enter the kingdom like a child…”? May keep this faith sees results like this, and provokes conversations amongst his school-friends 🙂

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