Light Project evangelist Mel Turner writes…

In May a team of Light Project Staff and Students went to Paris, containing a budding group of thespians and 3 French speakers the group set out to communicate the gospel through street theatre. It’s audience; a Capital in dire need of the hope of salvation. 

“After 5 years of Evangelism in France, I have never worked with such a group and seen the gospel communicated in such an appropriate way.”

“No-one I met knew the story of Jesus- everyone I met understood the good news communicated in this way.”

“We all got hit with so much spiritual attack in the days and weeks leading up to the performances but it was worth every moment of it to bring hope to a homeless foreigner”

“After one of the performances we met a Polish man, he had his hands on his heart exclaiming ‘Thank you! Thank you! I not only understood with my head, I understood with my heart too.’  It moved me to think that the timeless truth of the Gospel can only be received, when it is understood with the heart. Actions speak louder than words.”

“I had been quite daunted by the gravity of performing without permission but eventually I was excited by the boldness and audacity of our mission.  The spontinaety of giving out flowers and sharing a birthdaycake with people in a park encouraged me out of inhibitions regarding streetwork without the words to relate.”

“We,  the group acted as a community in interactions together and in outreach, witnessing in our unity and inspite of all challenges and things against us we pressed on.”

“Just after I prayed with another team member for the salvation of 1,000,000 souls in France in the next ten years, a Tunisian man approached me and asked for water… God has shown me through this that Paris is thirsty for God.”

This mission has not only blessed some of Paris’s many inhabitants but it has also given our team an opportunity to reflect on evangelism in a new and even alien culture. For those of us a little more familiar with France, it has really encouraged us that the people of this country are longing to know the truth of Jesus and are even willing to hear about it!

One thought on “Evangelism in Paris?! No way… Oui oui!

  1. Like that comment from the Polish guy about understanding with his heart, after all doesn’t Paul in Romans say about confessing with mouth, and believing in your HEART… and hasn’t all the church’s evangelism (or a good % historically) been about intellectually convincing people?
    Surely it’s a case of both/and not either/or, so thanks Chris for bringing this creative “appealing to the heart” style of mission back into focus…

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