This is an exciting short message, a few minutes long,  from Heidi Baker- so encouraging. You know what, I love how the Spirit is given for the broken and lost in the world.

2 thoughts on “A message for those in media- Heidi Baker.

  1. I have a dream that I am working to bring about. I want to see a godly online training programme that helps people build online businesses. I am sick of seeing people using greed and other ungodly human attitudes to earn money online. Use this system and you will not have to work. Use this system and you will become a millionaire in a few months, if you can entice enough people to pay silly prices for your products or services. There again when so many are charging such high prices, a reasonable price seems stupidly low. There are some horrid sharks out there able and willing to eat any little fish that venture into those waters.

    Last night I heard an mp3 file that said that in order to build a business people ought to tune into their divine whatever it was. That did not sound too bad until they went on to say that this could be grass or a tree, I kid you not. There are some who teach that you should use the 7 univeral laws to build a business. They talk about spirit or universe as if they know that there is a spiritual world out there BUT they do not know the true and living God.

    Seriously does anyone know of a godly training program that is targeted at ordinary people. There are some things I have seen that are targetted towards the church but they are for people who already know God. What I want to see is a program that uses godly values suggests people ask the true and living God for advice and enables people to see a godly way of doing things in action. Even if people are not drawn to full commitment and faith, which of course would be the ideal, enough Godly values and ideals would be transmitted and spread to change the world for the better.

  2. I forgot to mention the other side of this equation. Have you noticed how many people out there are living on benefits because of caring responsibilities or because they cannot leave home due to a medical issue or who struggle with some kind of impairment? Many such people already use a computer. Imagine if the church said we want to help you retrain. Seriously the government cutbacks mean that 20 to 30% of the jobs at my local college will disappear this summer. We are getting to the stage where the church will have to fill in the gaps for things like this as the government retreats from supporting the community.

    Imagine if the church pointed such people to an affordable program, possibly made even more affordable by the church sponsoring them. Imagine if someone in the church provided a mentoring service keeping contact with them and encouraging them forwards and making sure that they felt the full benefit of the churches resources both spiritual and practical. I can dream.

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