Prophetic art

I’m on a search to know what is the best way of explaining ‘prophetic art.’ I have recently been doing some and it has been a good experience.

What I mean by this is that the people who I have drawn pictures for have shown appreciation and told me how encouraging or helpful the pictures have been to them, but also the experience for me has been incredibly non-freaky and natural. I have been surprised as to how easy it has been to sketch something out and for God to speak through the simple drawings.

So here is the challenge: how do I communicate this idea to people who haven’t got a clue about the christian faith? Picture the scene. I’ve set up a small table in a pub with a sign declaring that I’m an artist and I can sketch out a prophetic picture that will comfort, encourage and strengthen those who ask me to sketch something. What could the sign say?!

Some suggestions so far has been: 1.Art from the heart. 2. Prompted art. 3. Spirit art. 4. HEart art.

I’m offering a free copy of my book ‘Smack Heads and Fat Cats’ for the best suggestion!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. mrben says:

    How about ‘Art of the Matter’?

  2. Jon Pyper says:

    How about…..
    Himspired (Inspired by God, Drawn by man, a gift for you)

  3. David Morton says:

    Chris what about

    ‎’Art that speaks to the heart’ or ‘Art that speaks to your heart’ ??????

    best wishes,


  4. David Morton says:

    Inspiration in the car, on the way home!!!

    Art ‘n’ Soul

  5. Liam Dacre-Davis says:

    Hows about… ‘The Art of Knowing’.

  6. Godly-Drawn-Boy

    Drawing Conclusions


    [actually, I think Art’n’Soul is pretty good!]

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