So, yesterday sunday morning I’m encouraging the multitudes of people who don’t go to a service to connect with the amazing news of Jesus. My unconventional approach is to ask people to plant a sunflower seed…

On the pots my friend Carrisa has written ‘words’ for people. We speak to a number of people including a black witch who receives a pot with the word ‘grace’ written on it.

We speak to her of God’s love and the amazing gift of the underserved gift of Jesus. She wants to know more and takes a gospel of John with her to read at home. I love how grace is a gift for us all, even for those who would appear to have rejected it, stood against it and sought to destroy the gift of it.

One thought on “Black Witch plants sunflower and hears about grace

  1. Another creative idea, Chris, brilliant! With the person concerned, just goes to show that we shouldn’t be afraid, as long as we engage in the right spirit…
    If only more of our churches (including my own could grasp this!)

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