Today I have been part of a training day teaching people to do prophetic evangelism. The format is quite simple, ask God for some clues as to the people He want’s us to meet and go off in a team to meet those people! We had twelve people with us for the day, most of whom were very nervous and with butterflies in their stomachs and hearts pounding went off into the town of St Neot’s to put into action what they had learnt throughout the day…

I joined three others. In an hour we had met around 12 people, some of whom were happy to talk and engage in the wacky idea, but there were two experiences from our treasure hunt that stick out: firstly when two of the team went to talk to someone with clues about a bus stop and a certain shopping bag. They ended up praying for the lady and when they came back to me they were laughing and smiling. They loved the adventure, one guy said, ‘this is a real buzz.’

The second ‘treasure’ was a guy… One of the team had 5 clues on his treasure map that related directly to him, his name, appearance of shirt and shoes, the location of where we met and also what to pray for. The man was with his wife and little girl and was so touched by what we had to bring to him that he shook our hands and said thank you… he was so pleased to hear that there is a God who loves him. We explained that he was ‘our treasure’ and he ‘got it.’

4 teams went out to apply the teaching from Carrissa McCown and Simon Baxter… between us all we met loads of people… the debrief afterwards was such a buzz as to what God can do.

Here are some of my slides from today on the introduction to prophetic evangelism:

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One thought on “We found our treasure!

  1. Looks really good Chris… could this be offered in the Bedfordshire Mainstream area do you think?

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