Today in my role as city centre chaplain I have met the most amazing people. A business man, all suited and booted who wanted to tell me about his Guru in India and his search for God. He was amazed to hear some of the things Jesus declared. He was asking and searching and when I told him about finding and receiving he was pleased to hear that there was A man who bore upon himself all the impurities of this world.

A young man walking with a stick was happy to receive prayer for healing for arthritis but was even more chuffed to arrange meeting up for a pint as he needed to talk about some of the heart-ache he has gone through.

I prayed for a man who was in a wheel-chair. He started to cry as I spoke words of God’s love and we encountered His presence together. He had lost his wallet and didn’t know how he would get home so I was able to help him with a small gift for his bus fare.

Amongst the people I encountered today the most welcoming was Dost. A gentle man from Afghanistan, a Farsi speaker who had recently read some of the stories of Jesus in the bible. He welcomed me behind the counter of his fruit and veg stall and qui kly arranged a fresh coffee for me and we spoke for a while. He is journeying back to Afghanistan soon to visit relatives and look after his elderly dad. He needed to talk about some of his fears and worries of visiting a place where he has lost loved ones and when he last visited was moments away when a suicide bomber blew himself and a busy market street up. I listened and spoke of the Favor of God and said that I would pray that he would know of this favor for him and his family.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but the ammount of people whom long and search for hope is tremendous and, humbly, I must admit that I am a carrier of that hope that does not disappoint. I waft the aroma of the One who says ‘come to me and I will give you rest and peace.’ Today I have seen that people love to encounter God. He is so good.

My dream is that church up and down the UK will literally take this most treasure like message of Jesus into the ‘market place’ and let others in on the hope for this world.

One thought on “Taking the gospel to the market place- literally.

  1. Have you been following the Internet Evangelism Day newsletter? Here is an extract of a recent newsletter. They are talking about e-books to help with evangelism rather than physical books.

    The e-book download page is now available at:
    and offers a range of key e-book titles and other resources, mainly F. R. E. E. These relate to digital evangelism or wider communication issues. They include Netcasters (von Buseck), @Jesus: How To Live Out Your Life Online (Heim/Birdsong), God Space (Pollock), I Hate Witnessing (Innes), Coffee Shop Conversations (Fincher) and many more.

    Some (which would otherwise be pay-for) are only available for download on 15 May itself (make a calendar note to return to the page on that day?). Others can be accessed during the entire month.

    In case you missed it, that recent news release about IE Day is at

    I hope that you find this helpful.


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