This is a small article I wrote for my good friend Dave Bennett who is Director of Bridge Builders, an amazing organization that provides literature for free!

I regularly offer the gospel of John to people who I meet. “This is one of my favorite books and I would love you to read it.” I explain to people that I have given many copies to people for free as I think the message and stories found in it are amazing! Some people ask me what the main theme of the book is all about. Once I shared with a man that it was about having a new start in life. This astounded him as all week he had been wondering how he could have a fresh start.

On Palm Sunday I set up two stalls in the busy city centre of Peterborough. One had an activity for families where children could make an Easter egg to give away with a message of hope inside. We offered the Easter story from Bridge Builders to each one. A Hindu man commended our Easter story sharing and was so grateful to receive a copy of the booklet. He hadn’t encountered Christians sharing their story before and for him this was the first time he had heard the gospel.

The other stall was unusual and I must admit that I didn’t think it would quite work. I set up a big sign that announced ‘free Palm Cross readings.’ At one point I had a queue and over the Sunday morning 40 people sat opposite me waiting for a message from God. I wrote very simple words on the Palm cross, which I explained was from God’s heart to theirs.’ I wrote words of comfort and encouragement and also offered the Easter story from Bridge Builders which many where happy to accept.

The gospels and resources from Bridge Builders help me communicate the wonderful gospel message clearly to many different groups of people. One girl who I met last year joined me with her friends to give out free bottles of water in a city centre. She and her freinds had never been to church before and knew very little of the Christian message. At the end of the day I gave them a copy of John’s gospel each. They promised to read it. A few months later the young lady who had helped saw me and happily told me how she had become a Christian.

Do you offer literature to people you meet?

2 thoughts on “Giving away gospels…

  1. FANTASTIC, Chris! What a wonderful story of someone coming to faith, in a simple very direct way. A lesson for us all in this giveaway gospel/creative evangelism stuff in that we are living in a society that is a lot further back than we would like to be… Billy Graham and other “mass” preachers were/are good, but the background understanding of the gospel has decreased dramatically, and we are relating/failing to relate to an increasing number of people who do not have that basic understanding of Christianity…
    Now, that can be seen as a threat, and something to lament, but alternatively it can be seen as an opportunity for a fresh start. If I’d had a penny for the number of times, I’d heard, “I used to go to Sunday school, but ….”, like they’ve had a Christian innoculation…
    Taking this young woman as an example, because of the way she has come to faith, prayerfully she will naturally see sharing her faith as part of her Christian discipleship, without having to be “told” to…
    Anyway, enough sermonising…

  2. A friend of mine is an evangelist, and one morning he took the bus to his office, in Southend town-centre. Whilst he was sitting on the Number 29, after about ten minutes, it stopped and an elderly man came on-board. Immediately, Tony sensed that he ought to speak to the elderly man. He waited, and thought about how he was going to approach him. Eventually, Tony knew that his stop was approaching; he rang the bell and got up, knowing that he would have to walk past the gentleman, who was sat near the driver.

    As he did so, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a leaflet and gave it to the man, saying: “I feel you ought to read this.” The elderly man was surprised, but took the leaflet.

    A week later, the phone rang in Tony’s office. It was the gentleman. He’d read the leaflet and had responded to the invitation to ring up, if he wanted more information. “I owe it, to my old friend”, he said. Which friend was that? “That was my mate, in the war. He was a Christian and would pray for us all, there in the trenches. He was eventually shot, but some of us had some amazing escapes. When he died, I swore to God, that if i survived the war I’d go to church and find out more about this Christianity lark…but I never did. When you gave me that leaflet, it reminded me that I’d made a vow, decades ago. So, that’s why I’m ringing you now, before it’s too late. Before I die, I want to find out about what it means to be a Christian…”

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