What happens?! Well, a huge amount more than I could have ever imagined happens! I’m somewhat blown away as to the afternoon…I had 30 people at my seminar this afternoon for ‘Saints on the Street.’ This seminar wasn’t booked into a smart conference suit, but rather happened on the street.

As I was briefing the volunteers we had 4 other helpers join us. 4 young lads who simply asked, ‘can we help.’ They were amazing and handed out lots and lots of the sticks of ROCK to people in the streets with a simple message of ‘Jesus is the rock’ or ‘Jesus loves you, you know!’ A couple of team members joined in with them and looked after them.

We also offered free ‘pastry and prayer’ and gave out 250 cakes and had many requests for Prayer. We also offered free balloon animals, free hugs, signs that declared, ‘need peace?’ or ‘Need a miracle’ or simply stated, ‘I will listen.’

I also sent some people out with 6 greeting cards with the challenge to write a ‘word from God’s heart’ that would comfort, encourage or strengthen people.

People were also prayed for in the streets. What a great hour, yes, only one hour, reaching out to people,  not just a few… but lots of people who learnt of something of Jesus for the first time. So good…

4 thoughts on “What happens when 30 Baptists give an hour of their time to reach out to people in Blackpool?

  1. Many thanks for the Sunday Saints on the street. Thrilled to have met you and Ben. Let’s hope all those in Blackpool will seek HIM out for themselves. Wouldn’t it be great to be somewhere in the futur and to hear someone say that their christian walk all started with a ‘hug’ or a stick of rock handed out by someone in Blackpool? WEYYYYYY HAAAYYYYYYY – God bless – Jon

  2. Hi, Chris,
    The one assembly I miss in recent years (a friend’s wedding) and AT LAST there is some imaginative creative outreach and risk-taking, as opposed to the navel-gazing that can (sometimes, but not always) happen at these gatherings..
    Let’s pray that with future assemblies, more folk come ready to go for it, as it sounds like you all had a fantastic time… just sorry that I missed it 😦
    On a serious note, I’m sure that when folk read about this, it will encourage more of our more enthusiastic, perhaps “non-Baptist” congregation to attend these gatherings…

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