Yesterday was my monthly Saints on the Street project in Peterborough. A past student of The Light Project worked with me, Ben Kessell. He came up with a genius idea of passing on hope at Easter.

He set up a stall where people of all ages could hunt for an Easter egg in a ‘dip’ which contained a chocolate egg and a message of hope. They would in turn make two eggs and bury them in the dip with their own messages of hope. The extraordinary thing was that most people who engaged with the idea where able to write a message of hope to pass on.

These messages ranged from the cute to the profound. ‘Smile today because you are wonderful!’ To ‘Jesus is love and he loves you today.’ Written by a drunk person who was homeless.

As people received these messages of hope they were quite touched by the words. People commented as to how much they appreciated the Easter gesture of passing on hope and some where interested to hear for the first time of the first Easter where hope was lavished upon the world through the sacrifice of Jesus.

A man who explained that he was a Hindu took time to complement Ben on what he was doing in letting others know something of his faith. He shared with Ben about how impressed he was to see a ‘young man’ (Ben is 21) explaining so diligently his faith. You see in all his life he hadn’t seen anyone do that before. Faith comes through hearing and for this Hindu man he had yet to hear anything about the relevance of the Easter story. Not only did he hear something yesterday he thought long and hard how he could ‘pass it on!’

How can you let others connect with the Easter message this week? Will you lead others in ‘passing on hope?’

One thought on “Take one, make two, give hope.

  1. Like the passing on idea, so that people are not only being engaged with the message, but with the Kingdom attitude as well, in terms of imitating… very Christ-like, after didn’t Jesus do something with the disciples, as they followed him…
    Food for thought?! 🙂
    Another great idea, Chris!

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