Yesterday was one of the most heart thumpingly exciting, felt way, way, way out of my depth days… I set up a sign offering free Palm cross readings and sat and waited for people to ask for a reading. Around 40 people did. At one point I had a bit of a queue.

I explained to each one that I would simply write a message on the Palm cross, I believed, to be from God’s heart to their heart. A message that would encourage, comfort and strengthen them. One lady after receiving the message went and told her husband to have a ‘reading.’ “I didn’t tell him anything look at what he’s written!” she declared. She was amazed at the words…  people appreciated the simple messages that I wrote for them. Sometimes I wrote verses from the bible on them that I thought were specific to the people I was talking to. Other times I drew little pictures or had a word of knowledge for the people I spoke to. One girl asked for a reading and I wrote amongst other things: ‘God says it’s OK to help.’ I asked her if she was thinking about helping out in a care home but was worried that her friends would think she was an idiot. She had been thinking of doing exactly that but was concerned about what her friends would say.

The whole experience was exhilarating…

One thought on “Palm ‘reading’ on the streets

  1. Another clever provocative, creative idea Chris… one that taps into a natural curiosity in society for the “supernatural” & “other” and directs it in the right way… Like it!

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