City centre chaplaincy is a bit of an adventure… Joel and I set up outside an old church in the centre offering a listening ear and offer of prayer. Sometimes we give away free gifts and free hugs too.

For the rest of the day I hang out and meet people… I often venture into Nero’s and for the second time in a week as I walked in there today there was a guy who I have got to know over the last few months.

And just at the point of him buying his coffee I seem to have developed a knack of walking in. He then buys me a coffee and we talk and catch up together. Only today I felt like I was like some kind of stalker! The timing was uncanny and I apologized for walking in again just as he was buying coffee! I find God’s timing in meeting people just amazing!

Nero’s was one thing but also today I felt God say that I should stop and pray in a shopping centre as he had someone he wanted to bring for me to help. Five minutes later I am in conversation with a young lady who needs encouragement and someone to pray for her. Amazing.

Here is my co-worker Joel who is part of the Chaplaincy team with others too…

One thought on “Just for a moment I felt like a bit of a stalker…

  1. It sounds like God is on that guy’s case, I wonder when the penny will drop?
    Keep up with the listening to God & being obedient stuff, it’s a challenge to us all…

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