So, today I went for a prayer walk with a colleague and while we thought we would just go for a short while we ended up getting somewhat carried away and ventured off quite far. After walking for a few hours we were quite hungry, it got to 2.30 and as we hadn’t had lunch we thought we should venture off to a pub to grab a sandwich. As we walked up to the pub a man was outside with his dogs. We found out that he was the landlord, and unfortunately because it was a Monday (!) the pub was closed. I noticed the man was limping badly and I offered to pray for healing for his leg. He explained that it was his foot, but he didn’t know what had happened to it. It had swollen up and was painful from the morning, but he really didn’t know why. 

He agreed to my offer of prayer and I asked if I could speak some words over him. I asked for the swelling to go and commanded in the name of Jesus for the pain to leave. Afterwards I asked if his foot felt the same…which, I must admit I kind of thought that it would as I hadn’t spent any significant time praying for him, only a minute really. He looked quite shocked and said that it felt different. He started walking on his foot and seemed to be much easier on it. I told him that God knew all about him, and that he loved him. He thanked us and we went off… to venture back home, without lunch but rejoicing! God is so good.

One thought on “Landlord’s swollen foot healed

  1. If only all God’s people (including myself) could be a bit bolder, and would be willing to take the risk of doing this, maybe being seen as foolish, but …

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