Just thinking about today… I spent time amongst Christians of over 20 different churches in Peterborough sharing about the work of Saints on the Street and city centre chaplaincey.

As we hung out together I was overwhelmed with the sense of there being one church in Peterborough, despite the differences and denominations, we are one. This unity excites me as I know it will result in more and more fruitfullness!

One thought on “Unity=blessing=fruitfullness

  1. Thanks for this post, Chris. It’s so true, and we (I) keep forgetting it, because it can be more difficult to work with others (Baptists, let alone those of other denominations) & I’m not talking theological stuff, just human nature etc… yet Ps. 133, John 17 – challenges us to be co-operative & Kingdom-minded, as competitive & church-as-institution minded…

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