… said a young man towering over me today in Peterborough. We had offered him a free doughnut and an offer of prayer. He spoke about how he prays (even though he hasn’t been to Church for years and years) and he told us how he is led by God when he prays…. in the shower! This I didn’t laugh at and he was so encouraged to hear that I too prayed in the shower and other bizarre places too. We spoke for a while about God and how I became a Christian and I encouraged him to read the bible which he hasn’t done. As he left he thanked us for the doughnut and the conversation and he said, ‘thanks to you, I’m going to read the bible this summer…’

We had so many prayer requests from people through simply offering a free doughnut and prayer. 2 lads stood and prayed with me for their parents as they were worried for them. I was so struck today as to the willingness people have to engage with prayer and the free offer of prayer… so good!

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