Yesterday afternoon I spoke on a certain drive time radio program concerning a somewhat hyped up Daily Mail report about two schools in Staffordshire who have asked the Gideon’s not to come in to their schools and offer a free bible to their students. It all seemed somewhat sensationalised to me and it appeared at one point that the presenters may have wanted me to endorse some kind of alternative approach to letting young people hear the good news of Jesus, as if giving away a free bible was just nonsense and old-fashioned and doesn’t connect at all, so we shouldn’t really bother.Yes we need lots and lots of different approaches, but surely giving a free gift of the word of God to people, well that is just powerful for those who accept it and keep it.

I know that lives have been changed because a free bible was given by a stranger to a child in a School. Glyn Jones who heads up The Light Project in Chester was seeking God in desperate times and took an old bible given to him at school; this act was instrumental in him coming to faith and stopped him in his tracks and plans to commit suicide.

It is a shame that the Gideon’s have been asked to not come into two schools, but two out of thousands upon thousands just aint that bad… what an amazing work The Gideon’s do.

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