I have just litened to a pod cast of Andrew White speaking at Bethel Church on Sunday. If you get a moment, listen!- it’s not too long and even though (I must admit) he does have quite a funny way of speaking-very ‘vicary’ and English- but wow- as I listened and he spoke about his experiences in the healing room at Bethel the Holy Spirit fell upon me and I felt so encouraged.  Listen to his talk here. God is so good.

This is the link to the Bethel web site:click here!

One thought on “Vicar of Baghdad at Bethel… what a talk!

  1. His speech is also affected by his MS which makes him sounds even “posher”.

    At CLAN last year, the head of Alpha in Scotland said that Andrew White was his hero. Having seen him on the Finger of God DVD, I can see why.

    Listening to the audio now….

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