Yesterday morning I read with some interest in the editorial of BMS’s ‘Engage’ news about a web site that encourages you to load up a six word story… and seeing as I nick all good ideas and shape them as my own I thought I would give it a go later on that day when I met with a group of evangelists and church leaders at a local Baptist Church to start a course/gathering/ adventure type thing in living evangelistically. I challenged them to think about their story in 6 words. What they came up with was, well, how can I put it… powerful. It wasn’t twee or gimmicky or a pointless warm up exercise, you know what, it really was profound. As they shared their stories all I kept thinking was that what we needed to do was get these stories ‘out there’ where people can see them, feel them and engage with the wonderment of them…

The original idea comes from and has funny uploads such as ‘Lazy optimist dies happily of starvation.’ Anyone can have a go and load up somehting from their day or even more so about their whole lives.

I loaded up some of the 6 word stories from last night on You Tube. and you can also read them here:

  • ‘Defiant atheist, prayed for, now alive.’
  • ‘Vicars daughter, lost, saved, loved, miracle.’
  • ‘Depressed teenager, Jesus healed, gospel, music.’
  • ‘Distant, broken, reborn, uprooted, awakened, called.’
  • ‘Born, lost, found, sent, returned, preparing.’
  • ‘Damaged, lonely, low-self-esteem, blessed, happy.’
  • ‘Wondered, problems, Italy, Alpha, found, loved.’
  • ‘God’s kid, always trying, more grace.’

Try writing your story in 6 words, and post them up here in the reply!

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