I have been asked by CLAN to write up my thoughts about what it means to live a life of mission… they will put it on their blog and it will be up for discussion and debate!


“What does it mean to live a life of mission?”


To follow Jesus is to live a life of mission. Full stop. We can’t follow Jesus to nice meetings or comfy familiarity as he doesn’t tend to venture there much. We follow him where he goes and scripture shows us that he dares to step out to eagerly seek those who are bruised, battered and broken. We follow Jesus to the lost, as they are on his horizon. We walk in his slipstream and come face to face with those who lack hope and are in need of love as they are in His eyesight.


He longs for the people of the world, he aches for the hurting. In a way I imagine him holding his breath in anticipation for multitudes to return and find their home within the redeemed pure relationship with God the Father. 

You see, it’s impossible to be the missionary offspring of a missionary God without being engaged in the adventure of mission. Every moment, every person, every conversation is an opportunity for the living Christ to breath through you, reach out through you and touch the life of those around you. He longs to embrace the poor, through using your arms.

As his Church we must re-capture the heart thumping day to day reality of divine appointments. Could the person we accidently meet today actually be someone who will have a ‘God reunion?’

Do you know that the presence of God can be spilt out through our very beings into the broken homes of all those around us? What would happen if we woke up every morning and ached with the heart of a hurting Father and wondered where and who we may bring his heart to today? It blows me away that the healing balm of the Spirit can be lavished upon captured minds in the super-market queue and freedom can break out for those who have sat in darkness all their lives.

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