Today I have been in London to meet Andy, a good friend and one of the light project students in our community evangelism training. He was joined by Matt, a bit of a dude on work experience with him. We spent time catching up, talking, praying and enjoying the sites. We stopped to admire the Graffiti down by Embankment when we got talking to a guy carrying a big sign and a bag full of old flowers.

I asked what he was doing and he showed me his big sign ‘free hug.’ I gave him a big hug, introduced myself and got out of my bag a big sign declaring the same offer! He looked kinda shocked! (I don’t think that had happened ever before!) We got talking and it wasn’t clear why he was offering hugs other than to ask for money for some guys that he knew were homeless.

I spoke about why I offered hugs and I spoke about the love of God. The guy looked a bit puzzled and spoke about why he was an atheist.

After meeting this guy called Brian, I was quite amazed by two things: 1. Two ‘huggers’ meet randomly in the middle of London. 2. That we could both offer the same thing but they could mean something incredibly different.

One thought on “I met my free hugger nemisis/anti type today

  1. Ever since ive known you Chris youve be a light for Jesus, someone who always ready with a smile no matter what the situation, the Lord has a mighty tool with you, keep the light shining brother

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