So, I’m walking amongst the heavily lopped pruned vines in Alsace France with my French evangelist friends and we are praying. It’s hard not to think about John 15 and the teaching Jesus gave about the vines and the branches and the gardener and about fruitfulness. The theme seems to be set when all around you are row upon row of vines!

We spend the morning walking, talking and praying and we prayed that we may abide with Jesus and be fruitful in the work we do. I also mention to the Gatti’s (the French evangelists) that last week the team that I work with in Chester had been praying about fruitfullness and ease.

When we get back to their home I check my email and sitting in my inbox amongst the usual and junk is an email from a church leader friend. He wrote. ‘ I sat down to send you an email to ask how you were doing when I felt God say….’ He then outlined a message for me, a word from on high so to speak that had three main ingredients: 1. Fruitfullness. 2. Vines and pruning 3. Dwelling/abiding with Jesus.

God speaks.

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