I’m on the train from the airport returning home. It’s late and I could do with my bed. Yawn… Yet I wanted to blog about my dear friends Phil and Vero Gatti. I have been with them for the past 2 days and they have inspired me to walk with Jesus more and more.

You see, I’m in the business of bringing the wonderful news of Jesus to as many people as possible in ways that people can connect with and in time may choose to become followers of Jesus. To be honest this can be difficult at times. The Gattis inspire me in this task to keep going.

We first met 8 years ago in Chester when they came to work with me and the growing Light Project team and to learn English too. They joined me on the streets feeding the hungry and helping the homeless. They also worked in some of the youth projects.

Since then they have dedicated their lives to bringing the gospel to people in remote places including Peru, Nepal and most recently a 99 day trek from the South of France to Switzerland along the Alps. They are remarkable. Over the 99 days they met 600 people who asked for information about their trek and were chuffed to receive a copy of Mark’s gospel.

They prayed with people and spent time listening to many. Today I asked whether their feet and legs ached after their trek. Phil said no, but then pointed to his ears. He explained that these hurt from hearing the hundreds of stories as people poured out their hearts on encountering two adventurers for Jesus.

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