The 2nd year light team students with The Light Project learned about a terrific Bible Society resource called Lyfe. (Check out The vision of Lyfe is that Christians would connect their faith in God with everyday life and this includes meeting to study the bible together in public places.

Imagine thousands of home groups in the UK meeting in the public! Imagine venturing into any coffee shop in any city or town and encountering Christians meeting God! I love the idea that the bible should be taken out of the pew into the pub, out of the church into the cafe.

Ok, back to the 2nd years. They chose to look at Philippines 4 and focused in on the peace which guards our hearts and minds. They put a sign on their table and people eves-dropped their conversation. One lady asked the female team whether she could hear them read the bible and spoke with them about her need for peace.

How about meeting with your home group and doing something like this?

2 thoughts on “Signs in MacDonalds

  1. What a great idea! I really like this, Chris. I’ll take a look at Lyfe and see if I can find some people to join me in this here in St Neots. Thanks for posting the article.

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