In-between visiting friends, shop workers and the regulars on the street I had a great day hanging out and looking for opportunities to connect something of the message of Jesus with people.

I have been looking at using signs as a way of allowing people to ask questions and enquire as to what I am offering or what I ‘stand for.’ Without a doubt signs communicate our heart and intention and availability for possible help. The news today showed these guys with signs:
The imagery is powerful and the sign gives explanation as to what is on the heart of those protesting.

Or what about these signs. Also deeply disturbing.

So, today my friend Ben Taylor and I used some signs. Not like these, but ones which hopefully convey something of what Jesus is like and his heart for people.

On one sign I had ‘need a miracle?’ I sat on a bench for a while and a young lady stopped her mum and dad in the street and said, ‘look, mum, you need a miracle!’ We spoke for a while and I simply asked for a miracle for her court appearance later that day. One guy sat next to me and liked the sentiment of me asking for a miracle. He reflected on his own life and the things that he needs which could only be provided through a miracle.

Here are some of the signs that Ben and I used, some in a ‘city centre chaplaincy role’ and others just hanging out and about- compare them with the love-less ones.

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