So, here I am- a picture of me in MacDonald’s meeting people and drinking coffee… one guy from Latvia took this picture today. I spend quite a bit of my time knocking around cafe’s and streets looking for opportunities to let people know something of the Christian faith.

Thanks to a network Peterborough grant I’m working one day a week as city centre chaplain for an initial 12 months with 3 aims in mind:

1)      To respond to the felt needs of the city centre community. The community I have in mind are as diverse as the Big Issue sales people to those working in the shops, to police officers to shoppers. Already, I have been amazed as to the need people have to talk and for someone to listen. On one Thursday afternoon I listened to people non-stop for 4 hours, from life stories to work worry woes, people are desperate to talk. Through listening I hope I show value and I often have an opportunity to pray with people.

 2)      To train a team of lay chaplains. I’m looking to raise a team of people who are willing to serve the city centre through acts of kindness as well as being available for people to talk to as well as offer advice. If you live in the Peterborough area and feel you could offer some time on a Thursday please contact me!- it is amazing the opportunity that is ‘out there’ to serve others.

3)      To have a regular ‘point of contact.’ As the chaplaincy team will be mainly mobile visiting people and calling in at shops and offices it is important that people can have a familiar place to find me and the team for some part of the day. St John’s which is right in the heart of the city centre, have agreed that the team and I may use the porch 2-4 every Thursday in term time as a point of contact, and if people need a quite place to talk or have a place to pray they can do so inside the newly refurbished café area.

City centre chaplaincy is something that The Light Project hopes to develop nationally. Would you be up for working in your city doing evangelism in gentle ways? Get in contact with me if you would like more information.  

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