I’ve just spent 3 days at the Arrow leadership programme gathering where the main teacher was a guy in his 70’s called Gordon MacDonald… all in all he spoke for over 6 hours. Wow, he was good. His wisdom and insights into how to have a resilient life have inspired me tremendously.

Most of the things that I truly felt where a bit of a luxury and add-on (really spending time in prayer, taking time to read and to grow in character) will hopefully be put to the for-front of my day-to-day life. Time and time again I kept thinking how unbalanced my life can become, neglecting the unseen things while enjoying the public role I have in preaching and teaching.

Gordon taught us that we must build a life that grows to be more satisfying, more strategic and more pleasing to God with every year. He warned against a disordered life that is: restless, unproductive, has a vague spiritual life, where personal relationships are in disarray, lacking in direction and priorities and an inability to concentrate. When leaving the conference I said to James Lawrence the leader of Arrow how ‘loaded’ I felt. I feel rich in resources to seek to live a resilient and guarded life… at the end of the time we gathered around Gordon and thanked him for what he brought to us, not your general kind of ‘thanks, you have been great,’ but rather a deep heart-felt specific thanks. It was quite moving.

Right, time to go and put some of the things into practice and spend some quality time with my family.

Please post up your thoughts on what you have come across Gordan MacDonald and how you have been helped!

6 thoughts on “Luxury activities put to the for-front…

  1. “Ordering Your Private World” was one of the stock books that was used in Ralph Neighbours cell church training; I still have my copy. Although I believe that subsequent to that book he had some major problems which were addressed in Rebuilding Your Broken World. Any Christian leader who can go through a “fall from grace” and be restored is worth listening to…

  2. Like MrBen, I appreciated OYPW and then RYBW. Also – nearly 30 years ago, I found the book by Gordon’s wife,Gail, entitled “High Call, High Privilege” to be very helpful. There aren’t many good books out there specifically written for Pastor’s wives!!

  3. Thanks Ben, Mr Ben and Angela…
    I wonder whether the Spirit has a bigger role in ordering our lives etc more than the books let-on. What do you think?

  4. Hi, Chris,
    Yet aren’t there verses that talk about “Set your heart & mind…”
    “Make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit”
    “Forgetting what is past, I strive towards…”

    Could it be that we are struggling to define the partnership between God’s Holy Spirit who lives inside us, and the deliberate, intentional, daily surrendering of our wills so that we are increasingly guided by the still, small voice of the Spirit, that we will recognise better (John 10)

    I guess what I’m trying to say that is that I don’t think it’s either just the Spirit, or solely our own efforts at spiritual disciplines, but more both/and, or I am just sitting on the fence?

    1. Like what you say here Steve. Yes, I think too often I kind of think of disciplines as something i need to muster rather than God given charecter developments to Christ-likeness… good reminder of my walk with God being 100% supernatural, even the boring bits.

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