I work as city centre chaplain for the Churches together in central Peterborough. I’ve only just started and its only one day a week but already (to quote the corporate golden arches) I’m loving it.

I am surprised as to how I am directed and led to all kinds of people to listen to and talk with them. Last Thursday I visited a shop that some lads where opening as a new business. A Tatoo and piercing shop.

I ventured in to find the most warm welcome. The guys downed paint brushes and tools to talk and show me around.

After an hour or so I left quite amazed as to the level of conversation we had about faith, but also to the level of invitation and acceptance shown towards me from these lads. Apparently the kettle will always be on for me to pop in and talk and be friends and I was assured I wouldn’t be coerced into having a new piercing! Bargain.

One thought on “Skin Deep

  1. Hmmm… it just goes to show that if we, as Christ followers are willing to go into situations, with the right attitudes, i.e. humility, willingness to listen/serve, hope, etc then actually things aren’t so bad as we sometimes like to try and make out! 🙂
    Or am I just being incredibly naive & optimistic?

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