I’ve heard that You know all kinds of stuff,

who’s who, where and when, all over the place,

countless planets and far-flung galaxies in space,

You have named every blinking star, never running out, getting fed up or having enough.

I’ve heard that You know of every tribe and ethnic group,

Every tongue, uttered word, before its heard, I know its absurd,

To ask You but do You know me- or am I just blurred,

One of a number of the 7 billion people troop?


I spoke at Woodley Baptist Church on Sunday, ‘how to know that you are known.’ I had a great time, good fun. Both services where ‘invitation Sundays’ and some guests came along. A bit of a challenge to know how to pitch what I had to say. Yet, the simple message went down well which I nicked from 1 Corinthians: The person who loves God is known by him.

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