‘I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.’ 1Cor 9.22

In the pub last night I spoke with my friend about how nervous I felt when in prison speaking to a group of young men. I had some cool stories and fun wacky activities, yet the butterflies raged in my ample tummy as I stood in front of the group and their prison staff.

I wanted them to ‘get it’ and connect with the simple stories and bible teaching with the theme that ‘there is a God and he loves you.’ I spoke in a language that I hoped would make sense, using words of youth culture (innit blood) and I was careful not to use unnecessary Christianity jargon. The result was encouraging and an email from Andrew Gale, their chaplain expressed how much they had got from it. Yet while speaking I couldn’t help think that the way I was presenting wasn’t clever or refined (some would argue it never is) and I did wonder what the chaplain and staff thought of my style.

Today I am working on ideas for a project that a baptist church have developed using creative arts to let others know something of the message of Jesus. Encouraging stuff. You see, most people just don’t get the story of God and all that and we need creative means to communicate it.

I reckon, if we are a Jesus follower a question we should hold close to our hearts is ‘do you get it?’ Paul had the ability to let others ‘get it’ and was confident to state that he had become all things for all people. Why? So that he might see people ‘get what we get’ -salvation.

I believe we are in a season of permission… its not a case of anything goes for the sake of the gospel, but rather one of lavish creativity and communication which allows people to say, ‘ahhh, now I get it!’

3 thoughts on “Do you get it?

  1. Like it, Chris… a little while back, I came across this quote that echos what you’re saying…
    “unless there is something about Church, Christians, or the Christian faith that intrigues, provokes or entices, then all the evangelism in the world will fall on deaf ears. If churches cannot convey a sense of “reality” then all the “truth” will count for nothing. Unless someone wants to hear, there is no point shouting louder. Churches need to become provocative, arresting places, which make the searcher come back for more.”

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