Heavenly Father, we take upon ourselves the mantle of authority that Jesus delegates to us and in His Holy Name we speak to every household in Great Gransden and surrounding villages and we say to you:

“We bless you in the Name of the Lord Jesus who loves you and gave his life for you. We bless your marriages that they may be strong, vibrant, faithful and whole. We bless the relationships between each marriage partner that it may be loving, forgiving, and merciful. We bless every son and daughter and the relationship they have with their mum and dad, grans and grandad’s and within each home we proclaim peace and love and understanding flowing between each one.

In Jesus’ name we bless every network of friendship. May friends be close and supportive.

We bless your health that you may be strong and well. In Jesus’ name we resist any sickness or disease which seeks to invade this village and to every person in Great Gransden we say, be strong, be healthy. To any who are sick right now we bless you in Jesus’ name with a speedy recovery.We bless your wealth that you may have plenty to replace poverty. We bless you to have enough to live and enough to give. We bless the work of your hands that whatever you turn your hand to which is wholesome may be profitable. We bless every enterprise that is conducted by you that it may prosper and be successful. We bless the crops of the fields that they may grow very well and strong. We bless the livestock and horses that they may be big and strong and serve their owners well.We bless Barnabas Olay School that it may be a secure and safe place for teachers and pupils. We bless the children’s capacity to learn and develop relationships and we bless their faith in Jesus that it may grow and grow like a mighty oak tree for the nations to marvel and see and those who lack hope to find shelter from the storms. We bless all the Christians in the village, that those who are part of the parish Church here or who meet with other Christians elsewhere, that each one may be like a light shining out for all people to admire. We bless the Holy Spirit gifts of Christians in this place, that He may flow like a river through each one of us.

We bless all who live and work in and around the village that the Father of heaven may cover you and come close to you and the presence of the Kingdom of God may come to you.


This prayer of blessing is adapted from Ffald-Y-Brenin Friday blessing. For more information visit www.ffald-y-brenin.org

9 thoughts on “Friday blessing

  1. And we bless the little disused Grace Baptist chapel-may it be opened again and its walls resound to the word of God and the praises of Jesus.And bless the family in the chapel manse! Amen

  2. What if every Christ follower took this prayer or something similar, and prayed it regularly for their locality? I wonder…
    After all, if my church history is right, isn’t that how the Asuza St revival started, one business man in his lunch break…
    Thanks Chris

  3. AWESOME!!

    So glad to see this post, I’m going to mail the link to some friends and I’ll include you as well. Look out for the message, Chris. I think you’ll find it interesting.

    1. Chris, you have been an amzing inspiration, even though we only met for lunch once! The book you gave was such an inspiration. Wonderful.

  4. What a great way to come against the popular view of Friday 13th! Very inspiring. Thank you…Funny I should see this posted on Facebook today as my husband should be with you right now! Looking forward to hearing more about your work later 🙂

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