I asked God for a word to proclaim over the city of Peterborough today. As it was the start of a weekly city centre chaplaincey role I have, I thought that if I could hear from God a specific ‘word’ it would bring such strength to keep me going when hard times come, if you know what I mean. This is something I have done for years. 1) seek God and what he says. 2) when hard times come then 3) remind the hard times what God says. 4) Bosh on.

The word I believe I heard from God today was ‘I bring healing in my wings.’

As I proclaimed this I had a picture of a massive beautiful swan type bird engulfing and protecting Peterborough. It may sound somewhat strange or a little wacky, but, my goodness, it was a powerful picture. It reminded me as to how massive God is and his longing to bring life to people.

He is good and is in a good mood.

2 thoughts on “Healing in his wings.

  1. That phrase, “Risen with healing in his wings”, crops up in “Hark the Herald Angels”, but also check out Malachi 4:2, (a concordance is handy :-))
    In terms of swans, they are beautiful & majestic, but I’ve also seen them when they have young to protect and they have come charging across a lake with wings flapping, and they are a fiercesome sight!!!

  2. I like the “swan” picture. God has spoken to me quite a lot about swans. For example – I once was an ugly duckling and now, as a result of being born-again, I am a beautiful swan. I was reminded this morning of a village I lived in when I was newly born-again. There was a Spring Well (stream) running through it, with a church and a doctors surgery on the bank. I remember looking at the church and the doctors’ surgery and thinking that the church should be used as a waiting room for people who wanted to see a GP and that perhaps God would heal them whilst they were waiting in the church and thus reveal Himself to many. On the island in the middle of the stream was a swan’s nest. A big black dog waded through the water to the island and those swans, who looked so serene and elegant, got suddenly very vicious because they were protecting their young. I was reminded of Winston Churchill who described the depression that came over him from time to time as “the black dog”, but we have a Saviour with Healing in His Wings who can destory that “black dog”.

    I am also reminded that some (I believe one of the GP’s) built a conical dry stone wall at a crossroads just outside of the village and that a placard (sign) was strung on it saying “He is coming back and He is looking for builders and healers”. The local councils made him take it down as it didn’t have planning permission!!! But, he rebuilt it in the grounds of the Old Hall care home.

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