Hi all, this is a shameless plug to shout about my book Smack Heads and Fat Cats. Order it over the next week to ensure you get copies for your Christmas gifts and you also get FREE delivery! Order by clicking here. 

2 thoughts on “Order my book in time for Christmas- FREE delivery!

  1. And a great book it is, too. It will suit anyone interested in innovative, straightforward ways of reaching people with the good news. It will also suit anyone who doesn’t quite know how to get started. And it will suit those who have tried but feel they failed and need some encouragement.

    ‘Smack Heads and Fat Cats’ is fun to read and challenging, light hearted and serious, full of good ideas and excellent principles. That’s a lot to pack into one book!

    Don’t miss out. Buy it for yourself, add it to your Christmas wish list, or give it to a friend. I’m having a great time reading it – highly recommended.

    Chris Jefferies – (Blog)

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