God’s presence

I have just finished reading Roy Godwin’s book ‘The Grace Outpouring.’ So, what do I think? Is this just another Christian band-wagon ‘thing’ to jump on for a wee while or is this something I can apply to my context and ministry as an evangelist? I can honestly write that through the reading of the stories, getting a feel of how the centre is run and phenomenal testimony of transformed lives I feel that I have been stirred up with a big Holy Spirit spoon! I long for God’s presence in the encounters I have with all kinds of people, for him to work through me, not just me ‘doing my own stuff.’

So, in short I have loved reading this book, it gripped me even to the point of when I was on a plane and the two guys sitting next to me where vomiting next to me I carried on reading while patting their backs and reassuring them that they would be OK! (I also did pray for His presence for them!) This book has given me a greater desire for God and for His kind of ‘evangelism.’ For example the story of how Roy refused to argue with a guest who was a ‘new ager,’ but rather encouraged her to talk to Jesus and go through some of the simple readings they do as a community and to visit the chapel. The outcome was that God met with her profoundly, and in a few hours she had become a Christian. The miracles as people encounter the presence of God in Ffald-Y-Brenin retreat centre have given me a renewed hope that the very same God is able to do the same saving outrageously generous grace work on the streets and in the place where I live.

Furthermore, I appreciated the bits in the book that sought to address how the message of Jesus is communicated. The explanation of the good news of the kingdom excited me, as so often I come across very narrow or ‘words only’ approaches to evangelism.  Roy Godwin writes, ‘The message is actually much more than ‘You can have your sins forgiven.’ God has chosen to enter time and space, to destroy the works of the evil one, who had usurped, by man’s invitation, the rule of God over the earth. The unfolding of God’s purpose on earth involves the created order as well as individuals. His reign has started and it’s here on earth. the kingdom of God has come, it’s been activated, all things are being redeemed. This is good news.’

Wow, let me be part of this redeeming good news adventure!

4 thoughts on “‘The Grace Outpouring’

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Chris. This is an amazing and inspiring book! I urge anyone to read it, long established believer, new follower of Jesus, or someone wanting to find out what he’s all about.

    I have to add that your own book ‘Smack Heads and Fat Cats’ is fully in harmony with ‘The Grace Outpouring’. They approach what’s happening in the UK in totally different ways but these are facets of the same Truth. Basically, we’re here to bless and encourage everybody in any way we can.


    Keep shining 🙂

  2. A good Christian friend lent me this book. I was so enchanted by it, I’m seriously thinking if led by God in starting my own House of Prayer. Would you agree?

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